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Protecting Utah With Patents & IP

Headquartered in Salt Lake City and offering expeditious patent representation to clients across Utah with patent and trademark matters, our Utah Patent Attorney can draft, file, prosecute and litigate patent and trademark rights before the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO) and U.S. Courts. We provide all of our clients with RESULTS-ORIENTED REPRESENTATION® – a slogan we have trademarked.

The Patent Process

Our Utah patent attorney files patents and trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and internationally with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We have IP litigation experience, including domain name disputes and patent and trademark cases. We have experience in representing clients, large and small. Often, clients approach us who have recently been sued for IP infringement in federal courts, such as district courts, the PTAB, the TTAB or the ITC.

A patent is a legal document giving you the legal right to exclude others from making your invention. We can help you protect your IP by preparing utility patent applications on mechanical, electrical, chemical, software, or a method of doing or realizing anything. Our patent attorneys can guide you through the process of preparing filing these documents. We do the same for trademarks. We have experience with utility patent, design patents, and PCT patent applications.

A design patent protects the stylish appearance of a product while a utility patent protects the function, or structure, of a useful device. For instance, a stylish, new pair of sunglasses might be covered by a design patent while a bottling machine would be protected by a utility patent. A PCT patent application is an international patent application. Our intellectual property attorneys can help you file utility patents, designs patents and PCT patent applications. For examples our work, click here.

Patent and IP Success

We handle our clients’ patent and IP needs, including patent and trademark preparation, copyrights, trade secrets, and litigation. We are located in Salt Lake City, which sits in the Tenth Federal Circuit, and which has patent and trademark laws which are more favorable in some respect to other states. We have attorneys who are licensed in Utah, California, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Nevada and Virginia.

We can help you evaluate your invention and its suitability for prospective patent protection. We regularly move PCT patent applications into the national stage in the U.S. We also regularly handle patent litigation matters, including patent infringement lawsuits in federal court in Utah and across the country. On pages that follow on this website, we have included hundreds of examples of patents, trademarks and lawsuits which we have handled for our clients.




Trademarks Filed


Patents Filed

Results-Oriented Representation®


Attorney Profiles:

S. Rinehart

S. Rinehart

Partner / Utah Patent Attorney

J. Swallow

J. Swallow

Partner / Attorney at Law

T. Miller

T. Miller

Partner / Registered Patent Attorney

J. Berg

J. Berg

Partner / Attorney at Law

Western IP Law is a d/b/a of Vested Law LLP. Vested Law LLP was started in 2014, and originally included five patent attorneys. Vested Law offers patent services in all of the states where it has attorneys licensed, including Utah, California, Texas, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. We offer intellectual property representation, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and litigation. Utah patent attorney Steven Rinehart is licensed in Utah, Colorado, Virginia and by the USPTO, while Todd is licensed in California, by the USPTO, and Maryland. Jesse is licensed in California, and John is licensed in Utah and Colorado. We handle U.S. national stage filings for China and some Eastern European countries, and have visited China on behalf of our clients with factories and interests there. We can arrange to speak with you in your native tongue, no matter where in the world you reside. We provide detailed drawings, and tailor the claims to be broad or narrow as the circumstances call for. We also work with a number of patent agents and illustrators. Examples of our patent work follows below:

Samples of Our Patents

Areas of Practice:


Our Utah patent attorneys file patents, including utility, design, provisional and PCT applications.


Our attorneys file trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including word marks and stylized marks.


Our attorneys can prepare and file copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office covering visual arts and writing compositions.

IP Litigation

Our Utah attorneys regularly handle patent and trademark litigation matters before U.S. district courts in Utah.